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  • KWV_Mentors_Chenin_NV

    KWV The Mentors
    Chenin Blanc 2015

    Intense flavours of honey blossom, peach and nougat with a structured and focused palate.

    R145.00 Mix your case
  • KWV Classic_Chenin_NV

    KWV Classic Collection
    Chenin Blanc 2016

    Upfront tropical and floral characteristics with a refreshing zesty palate.

    R48.00 Mix your case
  • Cruxland_Gin

    Cruxland Gin

    A clean double distilled London Dry Gin with 9 different botanicals and infused with Kalahari truffles. Cold filtered for an extra-smooth taste

    R295.00 Mix your case
  • Cruxland_Gin_Limited_Release

    Cruxland Gin Limited Release

    Only while stocks last. With a unique Chardonnay cask finish, The Telling Taste of Cruxland Gin is retold in this special release gin with added fruity flavours and a delightful buttery finish.

    R395.00 Mix your case
  • KWv_Sparkling_Cuvee Brut_NV

    KWV Sparkling Wines
    Cuvée Brut

    Fruity, tropical aromas with a crisp dry and refreshing finish.

    R56.00 Mix your case
  • KWv_Sparkling_Demi Sec_NV

    KWV Sparkling Wines
    Demi Sec

    Lively and fruity with a semi-sweet but crisp finish.

    R56.00 Mix your case
  • Roodeberg_Dr Charle#1082D0B

    Dr Niehaus 750ml 2015

    Juicy, concentrated red blend with upfront blueberry aromas, dark cherry and plums.

    R158.00 Mix your case
  • KWV-Dry-Gin_web

    Dry Gin

    Triple distilled by using only grape spirit macerated with lemon skins and juniper berries.

    R102.00 Mix your case
  • KWV_Fortifieds_Cape full cream_NV

    Fortified Wines
    Full Cream

    Sweet fortified wine with floral aromas complimented by a caramel, nutty palate.

    R75.00 Mix your case
  • KWV_Mentors_GB_NV

    KWV The Mentors
    Grenache Blanc 2014

    R145.00 Mix your case
  • 1969_KWV_Hanepoot

    Fortified Wines
    Hanepoot Jerepigo 1969

    R5,000.00 Mix your case
  • Imoya_NV

    Imoya gift pack with 2 glasses

    Nutty and spicy tones enhanced by floral and port wine flavours.

    R440.00 Mix your case