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  • Imoya_NV

    Imoya gift pack with 2 glasses

    Nutty and spicy tones enhanced by floral and port wine flavours.

    R440.00 Mix your case
  • Imoya pack_NV

    Imoya VSOP

    Nutty and spicy tones enhanced by floral and port wine flavours. Gold (WSA, 2014)

    R500.00 Mix your case
  • KWV_Brandy_10

    KWV 10 Year Old 750ml

    Double distilled potstill brandy. Complex dried fruit flavours, subtle spice and nut aromas. Best Brandy in the World (ISC, 2011)

    R220.00 Mix your case
  • KWV-12-YR-Brandy-PackShot-2014-web

    KWV 12 Year Old 750 ml

    Dried fig, potpourri, citrus and a hint of white chocolate with a unique smooth taste. Best Brandy in the World IWSC 2014

    R320.00 Mix your case
  • KWV_Brandy_15

    KWV 15 Year Old 750ml

    Very complex, full bodied with a lingering aftertaste of peach and nuts. Best Brandy in the World (ISC, 2013)

    R650.00 Mix your case
  • KWv 20yr Brandy_NV

    KWV 20 Year Old 750ml

    Lively, tropical fruit complimented by spicy oak and nut flavours. Top Brandy of the Year (SAWi, 2013;2014)

    R1,200.00 Mix your case
  • KWV_Brandy_3

    KWV 3 Year Old 750ml

    Fresh apple, pear and fruit flavours with tones of spicy vanilla. Silver (ISC, 2013)

    R119.00 Mix your case
  • KWV_Brandy_5

    KWV 5 Year Old 750ml

    Ripe apple, pear and raisin flavours enhanced by mild toasted oak aromas. Silver (ISC, 2013)

    R149.00 Mix your case
  • Laborie Alambic_NV

    Laborie Alambic 500ml

    Well balanced and complex pure double potstill brandy. Platinum (SAWi, 2013;2014)

    R190.00 Mix your case