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Fortified Wines

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  • KWV_Fortifieds_Cape Ruby_NV

    Fortified Wines
    Cape Ruby

    Dark berry flavours complimented by butterscotch and nuttiness on the palate.

    R75.00 Mix your case
  • KWV_Fortifieds_Cape Tawny_NV

    Fortified Wines
    Cape Tawny

    Full flavoured with fruit, marzipan and toffee on the palate and a balanced sweet finish.

    R85.00 Mix your case
  • KWV_Fortifieds_Cape full cream_NV

    Fortified Wines
    Full Cream

    Sweet fortified wine with floral aromas complimented by a caramel, nutty palate.

    R75.00 Mix your case
  • 1969_KWV_Hanepoot

    Fortified Wines
    Hanepoot Jerepigo 1969

    R5,000.00 Mix your case
  • KWV_Fortifieds_Cape Medium Cream_NV

    Fortified Wines
    Medium Cream

    Golden brown in colour with apricot and orange peel aromas and a nutty, sweet palate.

    R75.00 Mix your case
  • KWV_Fortifieds_Red muscadel_NV

    Fortified Wines
    Red Muscadel

    Amber in colour with a palate of fresh red berries and hints of caramel.

    R65.00 Mix your case
  • 1930_KWV_Red_muscadel_web

    Fortified Wines
    Red Muscadel 1930 In Wooden Box

    R10,000.00 Mix your case
  • 1968_KWV_White muscadel

    Fortified Wines
    White Muscadel 1968

    R5,500.00 Mix your case